The 100% location©

The 100% location© or 100% site© is the optimal one in terms of all relevant locational/site, market, and client factors.

Our mission is to develop the optimal delivery system for our clients to maximize franchise value, which is accomplished by identifying the 100% location(s). We identify it in great detail by parcel or address along with alternative locations (e.g., the 95% and 90% locations.) We have been doing this throughout the country for our client banks and thrifts for over 40 years… and, we will do it for you.

"Location, Location, Location" … but not all locations are the same:

100% Location

The 100% Location

75% Location

The 75% Location

50% Location

The 50% Location

NOTE: These three locations cost approximately the same to build, furnish, equip, maintain, and staff. The only difference was in their acquisition cost for the land and/or leases. Bottomline: The 100% location will ultimately perform about twice as well as the 50% location.